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The Five Best Restaurants in Los Angeles

Our next stop is sunny California! We drop by Los Angeles to taste some of their best restaurants. Through our rounds of tasting, our top 5 picks are below!

From the calm beaches of Los Angeles to the corner streets, the culinary offerings in the city are literally endless. You’ll find cheap and delicious foods from food trucks to serene and luxurious dining spots all over the city. Los Angeles is a city full of different nationalities with rich cultures, from all works of life who speak more than 400 languages and of course offer an array of different foods and cuisines.

Here are top 5 restaurants in Los Angeles that you should never miss a chance to take a taste of their foods.

1. Catch

Catch is a luxury restaurant located in the porches Santa Monica neighborhood. It offers an array of Mediterranean cuisine. What makes this restaurant top of the list apart from the delicious food served is the service offered and most of all the beautiful pacific ocean view . Santa Monica Beach is a sight to behold.



2. Spago

This delicious Wolfgang Puck restaurant is located in the heart of Beverly Hills. It’s a favorite amongst local celebrities. It is the norm for paparazzi to be waiting across the street, hoping to get a photograph of a famous A-lister.  Jade Mills, the leading Beverly Hills real estate agent, raves about this delicious restaurant. She’s a lucky one as her office is right around the corner. The spectacular schnitzel should not be looked over. Trust us, you won’t regret it!

3. Gladstone’s

Gladstone’s is a restaurant in Malibu that offers its clients a menu of amazing seafood. It has a sweeping view of the Malibu coastline and is perfect for dinner and sundown views. Their famous seafood tower is an outstanding dish that should be ordered. The beautiful scenic views and delicious dishes will leave you more than content.


4. L.A Prime

L.A Prime is a restaurant that is exquisitely found on the 35th floor of the Western Bonaventure Hotel and Suites. It offers a perfect and exclusive dining experience to its guests. Because it is situated in one of Los Angele’s skyscrapers, dinners can have outstanding views of the city while they enjoy their delicious food and mighty cocktails.

5. Mar’set

Technically not located in Los Angeles, this amazing restaurant is located in Palos Verdes. Mar’set specifically serves its customers indigenous California cuisine including grilled octopus and chorizo. It is exclusive and has a spectacular view of the pacific ocean. It is perfect to celebrate a special occasion or for a romantic date.

Which are your favorite Los Angeles restaurants?  If you’re a Los Angeleno, have you tried any of these restaurants before? If so what was your experience? Let us know!